Somerville’s Ward 3 Voters Elect Lee Erica Palmer to School Committee Seat

Election Coverage:

The Somerville News Weekly

The Somerville Journal“I want to hit the ground running in January,” Palmer told the Journal. “I want to be accessible to voters and their concerns, I’m pretty excited to get started.”

Press / Endorsements

Announcement of Candidacy

Endorsed by the Somerville Journal and the Somerville Times!

“Palmer’s background in education makes her the best pick to replace Sweeting. We endorse Lee Palmer.”  – EditorialSomerville Journal – October 15, 2015.

“For the Ward 3 School Committee race, we endorse and also hope you choose Lee Erica Palmer for the seat left open by retiring Adam Sweeting. Lee has been very active in the community here in Somerville for several years…We think her credentials speak for themselves. She’s more than qualified to be on the School Board and we hope you agree with us.” Somerville Times – October 28, 2015

State Representative Denise Provost at Lee's campaign kickoff

Representative Denise Provost introducing Lee at her campaign kickoff in April

Lee also enjoys broad support among Ward 3 families and across Somerville. She has earned the endorsements of Somerville’s State Representatives, Denise Provost and Christine Barber, Mayor Joe Curtatone, Somerville School Committee members Adam Sweeting and Paul Bockelman, and Somerville Board of Aldermen members Matthew McLaughlin, Mark Niedergang, Rebekah Gewirtz, Katjana Ballantyne, Tony Lafuente, Maryann Heuston, Dennis Sullivan, and Bob McWatters. Further, Lee has garnered the support of Ward 3 community leaders and activists including Dick and Roberta Bauer, Mike Grunko, Bill Shelton, Janine Fay, Michelle Kweder and Denise Gorayeb, Ellen Friedman and Chris Guerrero, Christopher Wand, and Alex Lessin.


Lee Palmer SMEA

Lee is also proud to have the endorsement of the hard working members of the Somerville Municipal Employees Association (SMEA) In their endorsement letter the SMEA wrote, “We live in the city and have family and children who have a vested interest in the progress of the Somerville School system. Your support on fair equitable raises recognizing our value, as well as our continued hard work is something we are constantly striving for. Your impressive labor record is something that very few political leaders have experienced in life. This is one of the many reasons we endorsed you.


Local_3_logo_150The Firemen & Oilers, Local 3 SEIU – representing the City of Somerville School Custodians – has also endorsed for Ward 3 School Committee:

“Lee Erica Palmer has been a community leader who has fought for the rights of the people of Somerville. We believe that Lee Erica Palmer has demonstrated the strength and commitment it will take to continue her effort in standing up for working families.